i hope yall realize that the white people that run this country are mostly in power as a direct or indirect result of the inhumane treatment of other human beings and not because they they went with skechers instead of jordans. 

stop posting dumb shit please. 

Ppl on Apollo are so quick to boo mothafuckas.

You can’t go up to someone and try to flirt with em, when yo ass lookin dirty. Like love yourself first.

What influence did Ed Sheeran really had on Black/Urban music?

I don’t get why dudes would watch their homeboy fuck a shorty right in front of them, unless they trying to get some pussy too? Why they wanna see homie smash?

"Okay, I see your irrelevant comment, but I’m not trying to be messy right now."

I don’t understand when ppl say they don’t pay for weed, but always smoking weed they never chipped in for.. It makes me wonder like do they feel better of person or less of a drug addict, because they don’t spend money on weed?

At the end of the day, ppl like that need to realize it don’t matter if they paying or not, because they still going to be seen as other weed head. Tbh If you won’t pay for weed, maybe yo ass shouldn’t be smoking in the first place. Sooner or later ppl going to realize what you doing and not fuck with no more and you won’t be able to get high until you buy your own shit.

Ya sooo quick to talk about how 16 yr old girls getting trains run on them and how much they need to have self-respect, but I never hear ya say that about the 16 yrs old boys who involved in it.

Like ya really think its okay for bunch of straight male teens to be in room butt naked watching other boys getting fucked & sucked?

Now, I don’t agree with group sex, but I’m just saying.


If anything Robin Thicke should of made “Paula” only for his wife to hear. It would of meant more rather then trying to profit from his behavior(which isn’t much). I wonder if thought about how Paula may not want album to publicized their relationship.


hood niggas go for the quiet low-key nerdy cute bitch in the back of the class room with the curly hair and drawings in ha notebook! 

This catfish too real.

I should of flirted with Willow pape man, but I was too busy trying to get my network together.

All I see is AA and Africans getting at eachother on my dash.

I never thirst followed.





Food before sex. Always. 

I stared at this thinking, if you’re bottoming you probably shouldn’t eat right before

Or like.. use bottoming as a laxative. The dick serves as, like, a plunger. I support this movement.

I can’t believe this

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