You can order Applebee’s online now? :o

You won’t catch my ass in the forest.

Fans don’t throw shit at their favs.

Sometimes you gotta be alone for a sec.

*wonders why I don’t get anons in my inbox*

*needs model deal asap*

Roti sounds soo good right now.

I don’t believe in cheating, but I do believe in leaving if things are not working out.

You can express your sexuality with your partner and not with someone else…

some of ya just so damn thirsty to find problems so you can have something to bitch about.

 *Single females* “suck your man dick if you want him to stay with you!!!”

Okay, but when was the last time you suck dick? If so, was it your man dick in your mouth or nah?


kanye tried to stop taylor swift ahead of time but yall called him out of order now look

the hero you deserve but not the one you need


Some of ya are way too quick to call a black person “new black”.

Dark skin anime characters ❤

It’s 2014 and some of ya still can’t Google correct information.

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